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"" where there is a will there is a way Man purposes God disposes What ever God does is done for our best ""

School Building

The School is located at a prominent peaceful location.Three Storey School building with playground within its campus and a well maintained garden adjoining the school premises.Safe and Secure Building with Security Guards


Well-equipped and modernized laboratories are available in our School. The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc are equipped in accordance with the specifications and standards of board. All experiments are performed under the supervision of teachers and lab assistants.

Computer Lab

The school has computer labs with Internet connection and sophisticated facilities and resources. Equipped with the latest hardware and software, our computer labs provide an excellent ambience and opportunity to learn computer skills.


The school has a well-resourced library with books, periodicals and a variety of other resources that can be used for reference and new learning. Reading is encouraged in students from a very young age, as an independent way to learn and gain knowledge.

Message From Principal’s Desk --  " Nazir Ahmad Sheikh (Punjabi) "

Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu!
Dear brothers and sisters, we cannot forget that we all are human beings and we are accountable to Almighty Allah.All our efforts must be to upgrade the human values at every level and all human beings must be diverted towards the universal brotherhood. The main objective of the education must be that humans must live to serve the humanity and not a particular community.Every one among us has to deal with education of our kids and it is one of important job assigned by Allah to guide these kids in right direction.I have observed that the parents who guide their kids regularly,their children are more successful than others in every field of life and it is duty of every teacher to guide their students in proper manner like their own kids,brothers or sisters.The present society is suffering due to lack of moral education and the result is that every Tom,Dick and Harry is unsatisfied with their life all over the world.One must be always morally upgraded, optimistic,have patience, make good use of every second of life,take good care of health and last be loyal to yourself.
Our future objective is to teach students to inculcate in them correct way of eating,sleeping,greeting people,good manners,personal hygiene and helping the needy,the art and craft skill etc. The society and the educational institutes must co-operate with each other to achieve best results.

Campus Location

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